Theoretical Physics

Theoretical Physics is one of the four research divisions in the School of Physics

The division is chaired by Prof.Volodya Fal'ko

Theoretical Physics research in Manchester takes place in many research groups: Astrophysics and Cosmology, Biological Physics, Complex Systems and Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics.

In most cases these groups are integrated with te related experimental areas; there are two groups that operate largely independently: Theoretical Condensed Matter and Theoretical Nuclear Physics, see below.

Condensed Matter Theory

Condensed Matter Theory research concentrates mainly on two-dimensional materials.

This is aligned with Manchester's concentration on 2D mayterials

The group is split between the Schuster building and the National Graphene Institute. For more detail look here.

Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Theory in Manchester concentrates on the use effective field theory tools in few and many-nucleon systems.

The group is located on the seventh floor of the Schuster building. For more detail look here.